10 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitors’

Competition for user attention is constantly growing as companies take advantage of new ways to share and market ideas online. While strong search engine optimization helps a site draw in customers, if what visitors find is generic or uninteresting, they’re not going to stay. Besides hurting your revenue, bounce rates can damage your SEO.

So how can you make your site memorable and unique, while at the same time engaging potential clients or customers? Here are Ten methods:

1. Show the World Who You are Through Creative Bios

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The usual head and short bio does not work for people anymore. customers want to know exactly who they are dealing with. So get personal and unique.Give them a story, and even drop your favourite movie, it is said that one’s favourite movie gives a window to who they are.So show the world that unique side of you.

2. Take A Unique Stand

Creating amazing artwork that speaks to what you stand for, what you’re passionate about, be it saving children in impoverished countries or the state of the country. Stand for something, it does not have to be controversial but it should be targeted at a specific audience. Unique points of view or opinions on important subjects with lots of supporting information tend to have higher viewership and engagement rates

3. Showcase Likeable And Relatable Video

Put up an intriguing video as the introduction to your website, it will get people talking and interested in what you have to offer. this will be because they would have related to the person or people behind the brand. The video will give personality to your brand and make you instantly relatable and likable to your audience.

4. Provide Insight and Inspiration

A lot of companies have a statement or mantra they live by, ours is “If You Wanna Make It You Have To Be Smarter That You Know The Competition Will” If you take your Mantra or statement and put it on your website not only will you be encouraging your web visitors but you will assist them in seeing the dream and how you wish to achieve what you want to achieve. Also, your blog posts can be a means of encouragement. Write articles that will make your web visitors want to come back.

5. Keep Your Content Fresh

The best way to engage with prospective clients is to keep your website current. Your website is the ideal place to showcase your most recent and best work, reflecting your creative capabilities and problem-solving skills. If you need a way to be more direct, host a blog with thought pieces from your colleagues on industry issues.

6. Refrain From Using Stock Photos

Ditch your stock photos and capture the real essence of your company. Stock photos are the plainest way to introduce your company, and many agencies don’t take the time to publish content that is indicative of their actual nature. Let your employees bring their dogs to the shoot. Showcase your services. Your website imagery should be full of your actual employees

7. Offer A Free, Personalised Report

Websites that offer a free report as a personalized takeaway item is an easy way to differentiate your online experience and deliver value to prospective clients. What report can you offer clients, and how can that report be customized to their needs? WordStream does an excellent job at this: “40 hours of PPC analysis in 60 seconds or less!” What report can you give away? 

8. Display Examples and Metrics

Provide potential clients with specific examples of the work you have done and what the results have been. The more specific and direct you are, the quicker you can get to what the client is looking for and devise a creative way to achieve that goal for them. 

9. Adjust Your Website Menus And Navigation Titles

We see a trend in website navigation pages being given unique titles for companies breaking out of the mold in their industries. These small changes help your customer understand the value your brand offers. Take, for example, a company that has an educational element: Rather than calling the page on their website “classes,” call the page “learn” in order to help users see the value proposition in just one word

10. Make it All About Them

Make your website about your clients and customers. Communicate the value of your services in ways that will resonate with them. Use case studies, success stories and examples of how you have helped solve their problems. Avoid the natural inclination to make your website about you.

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