3 Companies That Use Humour In Marketing (And How You Can Too)

They say that laughter is the best medicine. that is why companies who use humour in the adverts have the most success, and response from consumer. Lets take a look at three companies who have tickled and won the hearts of millions with their hilarious adverts.

1. Chicken Licken

Legend of Big John

Chicken Licken is one South Africa’s successful fried chicken restaurants. They are well known for their “Soul Food” and catering to townships before democracy was even declared in the country. (Black South African were banned from restaurants during aparatheid)

Over the years Chicken Licken has looked into humour in order to attract a mass number of people to the restaurant outlets. Their adverts are funny and they trigger the the mind to thought as they address history and stereotypes in South Africa. Their adverts are unique for having a story-line and seeming like a short film.

Takeaway: The history that you company is associated with plays a big role in the way you convey your message in an advert. Chicken Licken is known for looking out for black South Africans and their “soul food”. And all they’re humour based adverts look into uplifting and addressing socio-economic issues.

2. Nandos


Nando’s usually takes the cup for having current, trendy and hilarious adverts that either tackle social stereotype, politics or trending news on social media. not only are they funny on video but also on their social media platforms when interacting with South Africans.

Their adverts are effective because their address sensitive topics in a unique way. Their advertisements are thought provoking, causing Nando’s to be on everyone lips as they share opinions.

Takeaway: Trends can make for content creation all the time. Look into the trends, and current news and find methods to use them to advertise your brand and its opinion on that particular topic, without offending or attacking the viewer.

3. Old Spice

Old Spice also takes an absurd approach to comedy. One Old Spice ad features Isaiah Mustafa opening a komodo dragon to offer ice cream to the viewers.

The ads are weird, but they do what they’re meant to do: stick out in your mind. Old Spice also engages with its social media followers in humorous ways. For example, when someone sent a tweet asking the company to express love, Old Spice’s Twitter account responded, “Try Tinder.”

This is a major overhaul for a brand that was once associated with your dad’s aftershave. Between the absurdist approach to humor and the sassy social media engagement, Old Spice continues to be one of the most memorable brands today.

Takeaway: If your brand needs a face-lift, consider the power of the weird and absurd. Absurdist comedy used to carry a cult following, but it has now gained mainstream appreciation. Keep in touch with what kind of humor is resonating with your target audience, and create content that aligns with it.

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