4 Reasons Why You Haven’t Started Video Marketing

Did you know, that companies that use video marketing grow 49% more than companies that don’t? A lot of people are still struggling to get started with video marketing. They can never decide what type of videos they need, the cost involved, whether they should be on camera or not.

A lot more people want to dive into video marketing, but they simply feel stuck. here are four reasons why you aren’t using video Marketing yet:

1. You Fear Being on Camera

The amazing thing about video marketing is that you dont necessarily have to be on camera. you can get your content animated, which is known to be the most effective and more attractive form of video in the 21st century. You could also hire a spokes person or actor to get your message across. However you ought to ensure that you get someone who represents your brand strongly.

2. Costing and budgeting

The greatest thing about video marketing is that it doesn’t have to you an arm and a leg. The simplest, low budget videos are the ones that usually get the audience.

Most influencers started with just good lighting from their bedroom window, an on-board mic and a D500 canon camera.

Besides, if you go the animation route, it could cost you next to nothing thanks to the apps that these geniuses develop nowadays. in my opinion however, it is best to hire a company that has the equipment and expertise to make your brand shine.

3. You’re Afraid You’ll Make Mistakes

The road to perfection is filled with mistakes and epic fails that will drag you down if you let them. You will make mistake it’s human and expected especially if you’re doing your video yourself . You may even change your script multiple times before you’re truly satisfied. and that’s okay. That’s what video editing is for. to perfect these imperfections. Event the best Video Marketers starts with those mistakes. The important thing is to start.

4. Lack of strategy

The last thing that’s keeping you from video marketing, the most lucrative strategy, is not knowing what type of video you want to put out there. Here is some free advice: There are two type of video that everyone should produce for their companies that will prove a good investment.

  1. Direct sales video: This is where you will sell or advertise your product and services and speaks directly with you audience
  2. Educational Videos: In this video you will educate people on particular subject matters that centers around you services or products. Consumers trust you more when you seem to know everything about anything, when you seem as though you can solve all their problems. which is usually why you will gain brand loyalty

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