5 Questions to Ask Before You Shoot

“Think before your shoot” may be the best video production advice you’ll ever receive. Too often, media projects start with footage first, then backtrack to retrofit the raw video into a contrived message that misses the mark. Planning is an essential part of the video development process that helps producers create compelling videos. Ask and answer these ten questions before recording your first frame of video:

1. What is the Purpose of this video?

You need to always know what outcome you want from anything you do. you have to ask yourself why your shooting that video, who will it benefit and how. What will you achieve from shooting that particular video? After watching your video, what will your viewers remember from it, and how do you want to feel at the end. ultimately think on the purpose of that video.

2.Who Is Your Target Audience?

Answering this question first will help in the analysis of other considerations. If you’re producing a video targeting expecting mothers, that information helps to set the tone for messaging, visuals, and music selection. But a B2B audience would be totally different. If you’re producing a video targeting mechanical engineers looking for tools and gadgets, the creative direction of the video will purposely take a 180-degree turn.

Know who you want to be watching your video and make that your starting point. Define the demographic and psychographic makeup (values, opinions, interests) of your viewers and construct your message for that specific audience.

3. What are my key messages?

In order to ask the right question during the video interviews, it’s essential to start with some research and understanding of what you’re trying to communicate.

Many producers try to say everything in one video and end up failing to say anything valuable at all. You have to determine what it is you’re really trying to say and figure out the most important aspects of the message that must be communicated to successfully pass on the information to your target audience.

Behind every good video is a strategy. Showing up one day with a camera in one hand and microphone in the other probably won’t set you up to produce an amazing video. Our human brains can only process so many items of information at one time.

4. What is your ideal timeline?

Every internal video team or video production company has a standard timeline for video turnaround. However, if you need your video done sooner, there are ways to accomplish that goal. By simplifying the scope of the project you can get a faster turnaround time. Conversely, if you have a really complex and in-depth vision in mind, it might take some time to make that vision come to life.

It’s important to communicate your ideal timeline with your video team while you are in the planning phase. This will help avoid missed deadlines as you move forward with the project.

It would be great if it only took 30 seconds to produce a 30-second video. But, alas, it doesn’t quite work that way.

5. How will you distribute your video?

Anticipate where, when, and how viewers will access your production. Promote your video accordingly and export the proper format(s). Take full advantage of the video and whatever platform you are using, but make sure you’re ready to think through the strategy of how they’ll be produced and edited differently. What you don’t want is for your video investment to be partly wasted because you didn’t plan how it was going to be used ahead of time.  

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