We live in a world where everyone is connected to the internet more especially Social Media. Businesses have also boarded the social train and are using the internet to communicate their products and services with current and potential customers. It’s very important to be on social media as a brand now. It is the make or break measuring stick of our time.

There are at least 4 billion internet users in a world of +7 billion people in the entire world. there are 2.7 billion Facebook users worldwide. This clearly tells you that the internet has become quite important to our generation.

As exciting as these stats are for businesses all over, as they present vast opportunities for companies. It is sad that the majority of businesses don’t exactly understand how to use the internet to their advantage.
Understanding social media nuance is pivotal in order to get the return on investment intended.

That’s why when big companies find them in the middle of social media controversy, they usually play the blame game instead of taking collective responsibility. This is because many of them do not have a concrete strategy detailing everything properly.

Here are a few tips on how to join and succeed in social media and internet space:

1. Have a detailed strategy

It is very important to plan your every move. Have the concept on paper so that you know how you’ll execute it exactly. A strategy is not just a compilation of Steps to be followed but it must be an organic plan that allows for changes and improvements when necessary. The same methods you use to come up with a business strategy should be the ones you use for Social media and the internet. Always have the desired end game in place.

2. Have a Contingency Plan for Disasters.

Social media posts and engagements do always go as planned. There are all sorts of personalities on social media and often the less polite will share negative criticism. have a plan in place for you to be able to respond with humility and a calm nonchalant attitude. you can even find them their funny to be the bigger person and avoid a social media war. They don’t end well for the company, lest you have a redemption plan.

3. Set Attainable Goals

Many companies just want to on social media but they do not have objectives. What is it that we want out of being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.? Why, because those at the top do not really understand how social media works. It is important to determine your objectives on each and every platform.

For example, Facebook and LinkedIn can’t have the same objectives because these are two different platforms with somewhat different user demographics. So it is important to set objectives as per the social platform and make sure that it’s attainable. This kind of information will only be understood by hiring people with knowledge and experience on the ins and outs of social media and digital.

4. Protocol

A lot of companies have an escalation protocol for responding purposes on social media. Companies use social media for different reasons/purposes such as customer service, advertising and brand awareness, communication and outreach, community management, reputation management, etc.

But why have protocol responding process when we want to be instant and in the moment. I would expect that companies choose to be online because they want to be rapid in their responding pace to whatever their customer’s inquiries. The whole protocol responding process stifles the wholesomeness of social media.

5. Be in the Moment

Social media has a different trend everyday some may be in line with your services or even be about your product. be a part of those trends and always have a relevant image or video to go with your response or trend post.

Hashtags are very important for jumping on a social media trend, these will assist in getting your post recognized and engaged with increase the number of people who see and participate with your social media content.

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