Aesthetic Design and Why You Need It

Aesthetic is the study of the mind and how our brains interpret something as either beautiful or ugly. It is crucial for design because our first interacting with almost anything is based on how it looks. “Judging books by their cover”. Aesthetic is therefore a style.

What sort of style you may ask.

Here are a few that I know you’ve heard of:

  • Material design
  • Flat design
  • Skeuomorphism design
  • Vintage design
  • Minimalist design

What actually constitutes an aesthetic style is highly debatable, since some of the examples above, Material Design especially, have a rule book that outlines the basic rules of legibility, usability and design. If you wanted to be technical about it, you could call Material Design’s colour schemes an aesthetic style, but its concepts a way of designing.

Does Every Designer Need Their Own Style?

Considering that design has to do with the designers creative ability, the answer is yes. We are after all different people. Your aesthetic style adds to your identity and brand, but that doesn’t mean that you should tie yourself down to either Apple’s idea of minimalism or Google’s view of Material Design. You should consider the design brief at hand and decide upon a solution by yourself. Some of us resonate with a specific style of visuals.
You don’t have to choose an aesthetic, you can curate one.

Jack of all Trades

It’s a good thing that you may be able to do all things design. that you don’t need to specialise because if you do you just might not attract enough customers. That’s all speculative. if you design a poster for a gospel concert for instance there is a high chance that through word of mouth more gospel artist will come to you for designs it’s really all about evoking the right look and feel (Aesthetic). some may just see that you’re able to design posters and hire you because of that.

Design Aesthetics and Branding

Your brand is your number one selling tool. You can attract customers or drive away customers based on your brand’s aesthetics—the look, the feel, the memorability factor. If you had an uncontrollable craving for an american-style gourmet burger, you wouldn’t go to McDonald’s. Sure, they do burgers, but won’t be as delicious as Gourmet Burger Kitchen will it? I mean, the name says it all really – there’s no shame in focusing on one aesthetic and being alarmingly obvious about it.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Its very important to make yourself visible. Basically make your design aesthetic easy to find. If you’re a Hip Hop Style Designer, let you bio on every social platform and you website say as much. That way, when people search for you, they can find you easier. When they search for your specific style of design, you may appear first on their devices.

Do what you know you can do. That is what Design Aesthetic is all about.

We have a team that specialises in different aesthetics and we would be happy to assist with any design. Check out our website for more information