If you are a fully functional company that trades in good or services then i don’t think it’s a no brainier that your company must have a website. No matter what your business or profession is having a descent website can generate clients for your business, promote goodwill among your customers and a way to deliver a marketing message that is direct. It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting out or been around for a long time or it is small or big. A website is the first direct point of contact from the consumer where they can find out what you and your business are about.

Seeing that people have access to a mobile phone these days and connecting to the internet has become much easier (depending on which data package you are on my South Africans) it is not uncommon for people to find out more about you by just Googling you or your company. You website give the customer a picture of what your company does and what your services are on a 25 hour bases. What the common misconception is that websites are used if you are selling a product for people to buy online. This is not true at all.

Ecommerce website are become the trend in the resent years. offering the consumer to purchase items from your website from the comfort of their home. Most websites, generally, are just information and communication based. If you want to sell your products over the internet using your website buy all means do but also know that their will be a lot of security checks and implementations your website will have to go through so that you consumer is safe when making online payment for your goods or services.

Seeing that we have got that out of the way here are a few things that you need to check of when thinking of having a great website for your business.

Your Domain Name

Ideally your domain name should be the same as the name of your company (dah) but many domain names have been taken already so be prepared for that. I give some thought to your domain because it needs to be easy to remember as well as being inline with what you business does. For example if you company name is Dula Le Runa Furnitures something similar for your domain could be www.dulalerunaquality.co.za. Don’t forget your domain is also you marketing tool that should be used where ever possible so that if your customers have any more questions or what to find out more about you or what your company does then they can just visit your domain.

Hire a good Web Hosting Company

Web hosting is a service where you website will sit on a server that will always keep it connected to the internet. (In simple terms) The company you pick must have a good track history and don’t be afraid to compare the different packages they have against other companies that do the same. Also take in to consideration their monthly and yearly packages so that you can get the best price for your money. Your website will constantly be growing depending on information you want to add on to it as well as products that will be featured on the website so think about space as well and how often the updates of your website will be made then ask how much server space the offer. this will help in the long run when you need to grow your website but you package doesn’t allow it.

Web Design (The Fun Part)

Now comes the Designing of the Website that will blow away you customers and keep them coming back fro more offers or products. Now if you just want to get your website out immediately then their are a lot of web site building tools available for you all across the internet that use templates close enough to what your company is looking for . Using these will making building your website easier and less stressful. For a more customised look and feel of your website be prepared to pay more for the design and implementation. Just remember what you want to get out from the website and what you are willing to pay and you should be good to go.


With the 4th industrial revolution it is a need for companies to have a full functional website that caters to the customers needs as well as giving them an experience that will make them keep coming back for more. The world has changed and with website being able to connect to most social media platforms your brand or products could be viewed by many people across the globe.

If you need to have a website done for you and hesitate to contact us here at Where is the Beef Media and we will have a set down and you can explain to us what vision you have for your online platform and we will make it happen for you, at a cost of course.