Graphic Design trends for the Coming Year 2020

We have come a long way when it comes to design in the last 10 years and we are going to go through a few design trends that have been growing popular for the next year. So let us get in to it.

Keep it Minimal

When 2010 was coming to an end we started seeing a designers opting for the minimalist look when it come to their designs. The flat look design was a large feature in the design world at the time and we feel as it is going to be a trend that moves well through the 2020 stage. The look gives the design as honest approach with out all the unnecessary flair and embellishments. It is easy to read and get the message across with it being user friendly especially when we get in to UX design .

Be Abstract

Abstract Artworks have also grown in their lain with the rise of 3D Software that can generate the most interesting and vibrant 3D objects. The combination of Typography, Images, Abstract Shapes and Vibrant colour have drawn a lot of views to looking at them. They are capturing as well versatile as they can be used to advertise a product or just to be used as a infographic. What ever the need Abstract and 3D designs are still one of the best visually appealing art forms out their used a lot on websites on slider, headers and adverts.

Just type it.

A number of designs lately have gone for the type-only approach and it seems to be growing in popularity. Brands are going now for the typographic design look over using photography to get a message across. Designers are playing around with typography more and more in a creative way by also incorporating elements in to the text to give the typography a more image based look. Bold typography is a growing trend and is an extremely effective technique as it is effective and helps brands deliver a message in a strong and elegant design way.

No Insta-perfection

It is known that on platforms like Instagram promote, if not directly, the idealised portrayal of ones self. Lately we have seen a great shift from that with brands opting for showing a more realistic portrayal of people so that the followers of the brand feel a more greater connection with them. Pictures are not being retouched in ways as to show an unrealistic impression of people but now they have gone with using real people over models and we think that is a breath of fresh air. The idea of what true beauty is has changed and it is making brands become more in line with the people who like their brand. The power of celebrating their consumers instead of promoting a aesthetic look has worked well from them.

Breaking the Norm

With attitudes changing when it comes to gender and sexuality the design industry has also evolved in the wake of this. Designs are more focused now have had a more human focused approach as well as celebrating the individual and compelling the product to their attributes unlike traditional if its pink its for women approach. The world is changing and the people in it have identified them selves with countless was to highlight their individuality and it is a good thing that designs now have come to cater for that as well.


Trends in design come from people being brave enough to break the mold and question a lot of standards that designers have become use to. To any designer we would say that as much as the world is changing when it comes to design it is a good idea to be true to your self and take out the best work you can by just being true to your self. Keep making your works great.