Photography for beginners. 10 things you need to know.

We love documenting our lives these days and it is put all over social media but there are people out there that have the natural eye for photography while thinking it’s a expensive or difficult industry to get in to. In this article we will hope to get you interested in picking up a camera and taking pictures.

Use what you have

Camera’s, especially on mobile phones, have improved when it comes to quality. There are many camera’s and lenses out the including the accessories they come with. DSLR’s a considered a good choice and even better then the top of the line SLR Camera. Don’t worry if your camera is good enough just start and don’t look back.

Learn your Camera

Cameras have a lot of settings that can get you confused when you don’t know what you are doing. This takes some practice and some trial and error. Even the most advanced photographers won’t use all the settings perfectly so it is a good idea to set your camera properly depending on what your subject matter is. So learn your camera and what it can do so you can take great picture. Try practicing on different modes your camera has other then full auto. It will give you control on how you want your pictures to come out. take note to things like aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Apart from that also practice your focusing and see the different auto focus modes that your camera might have.

Camera Make: FUJIFILM | Camera Model: X-T20 | Aperture: ƒ/2.0 | Shutter Speed: 1/40s | ISO: 400

Look at you Light

The most important thing that comes to photography is light. Always take your photos in good light. You need to be able to balance the intensity of the light between your subject and your background. Pay attention to the direction and softness of the light and if the light is to harsh it could cause your photos to have a bad shadow going across your subject and no body wants that. If you are shooting inside a studio you can control the light and how it lands on your subject but if you are out doors you might need to wait for good light or create your own. Don’t forget to use flash to brighten up your subject as well because you would want your picture look bland.

Camera Model: E-P3

You have all the time

It’s easy to make mistakes in your pictures if you don’t take your time. So slow down and take it all in because it is easy to make mistakes especially if you are a beginner. Always Double or Triple your camera’s setting before taking your photos. you could be stuck on the settings that you used last night when you where shooting in doors in a dim room and now you are out side taking pictures of an event. So take you time and check your settings and make sure they are set right for what you are going to shoot. Another thing is you must review you images. People might say you will miss other shots you can take but it is very important that you are happy with how your pictures come out first and the setting your camera is on before you take more.

Camera Make: NIKON CORPORATION | Camera Model: NIKON D750

Move around

Don’t fall in to the trap of just standing in one place taking picture. Move around and get different angles. If you keep taking picture at the same height or place you will run the risk of you photos being boring and not having no depth in them. So move around, Climbing on things and get that shot that will set you apart and make every photo you take different.

Camera Make: Canon | Camera Model: Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Know when to (use your) Flash

flash is not just for in door shots or to lighten up dark spaces. It can also be used to get rid of shadows that will make you photos not that great. It also can be used out side during the day just to give your photos that more clarity.

Camera Make: Canon | Camera Model: Canon EOS REBEL T5

Keep you lens Clean

A worker is only as good as his tools so it is a good idea to keep you lens clean. So wiping your lens from time to time will help. So get your self a microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution to wipe all those finger prints, dirt, dust and smudges.

Backing up

This is important because many photographers will tell you that they have lost very important photos at least once in their life. Keep a back up of everyone of your photos on more then one medium. Also use online space to make sure that you will never loose photos that you have taken and also make sure that you have regular “dumping sessions” where you take photos from you SD card and back them up on to a laptop or hard drive to be backed up at home or the office later.

Organise your Life

Keep you images organised will save you a lot of time and pain stacking searching. We suggest that you label your folders by date and year so that it will be much easier to find a photos that you took years ago. What you can do is to have a year folder that has a month, a day and a name of the even to the place you where when you took the pictures which makes it easier and fast for you to find you photos.

Camera Make: Canon | Camera Model:Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Always Learn

It is always a good idea to meet other photographers. It is a good idea to keep learning and improve you photo skills. Always improve your self and the only way to do that is to take pictures of course and be open to fix weak points that you have noticed in your photos and do not be afraid to experiment and try some thing new. Being a photographer is a very rewarding skill and it is an art lets us see the world though your eyes and see the beauty the wold has.