How to Establish Your Own Video Marketing Strategy?

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Strategy

You might initially find the video marketing strategy to be intimidating at first, led by the preconceived notion that it will cost you a whole lot of money.

It’s true, the audiences do not compromise on the quality of the video yet it won’t be right to conclude that a good video cannot be made without breaking the bank.

There are a set of factors which will determine the success of your Video Marketing campaign and thus these must be kept in mind while developing a Video Marketing strategy for your startup or small business.

1. Objective

Well, clearly the objective of the Video Marketing campaign is to generate sales. But one thing that must be clearly understood here is that the initial objective of the video marketing is only to inform, educate and entertain the audience.

Only when these primary objectives are met, the audience will begin to recognize your brand and that is where these leads began converting into customers.

A video that directly asks the customers to buy your product/service will be deemed as spam by the audience. Thus, a direct sales pitch must be avoided under any circumstances.

(i) Know your audience

(ii) Conduct surveys to understand what interests your audience

(iii) Develop a video keeping in mind the various appeals you can use to attract the audience like emotional appeal, musical or romantic, appeal etc.

2. Video Marketing Content

Once you have identified your audience and the appeal you wish to use to leave a lasting impact on them, the important factor that now needs to be worked upon is the content you will be playing around in the video. Wisely choose an informative topic and once finalized, begin with the script of the video.

(i) Remember, the topic must be relevant to your brand

(ii) Popular among the target group

(iii) Introduce useful content in a visually pleasing way

3. Use Familiar Slang to Enhance the Digital Marketing Video

When an advertiser or marketer chooses to use the local slang used by their target audience, they are able to establish a personalized touch. The audience is able to relate itself with the Video marketing content and thus a sense of familiarity is established.

The idea here is that, when your audience begins to connect with you, you are already halfway through. The rest depends on how creatively the idea of the product/service is been put across.

4. Post-Marketing Videos on Regular Intervals

It takes time to make your brand/ company familiar with the audience. By posting regularly on fixed intervals, you will be able to give them reminders of the existence of your brand and gradually the engagement will increase. Thus, consistency is advocated.

(i) Keep the videos short and crisp

(ii) Use an interpersonal approach

(iii) Leave a striking impact with your creativity

5. Choose The Right Platform to Launch Your Video Marketing campaign

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Videos can prove to be the greatest factor in retrieving high rates of  ROI if promoted on the right platform with the right kind of Video Marketing strategy adopted.

Thus, it must be noted that the platform you choose to launch your video marketing strategy plays a crucial role in the success of your video marketing campaign.

The marketer needs to understand that mere recording and uploading the video on YouTube or Facebook does not solve the purpose. It needs to be strategically promoted on various social media platforms aggressively to reach the desired audience.

However, if your audience likes your video, they will share and promote it for free. A relatable and entertaining video encounters various people tagging their friends in the comments section. Facebook has a user base of 166 million, making it the most popular social networking site of all time.

The auto-play feature is available on almost all sites these days and it is certainly the best way to grab user’s attention. We have all experienced how Facebook’s layout is completely modified with the infusion of the video trend that is suggested by Google in its revised SEO tools guidelines.

The Surveys suggest that by 2019, videos will take over 90% of all social media. It is also suggested that by embedding a marketing video on the landing page of your website and using videos in email marketing increase the conversion rate and click through rate by 80% and 200-300% respectively.

Another survey from Forbes suggests that a potential customer is more likely to buy a product after seeing the brand video for the same. This gives a clear vision that Video Marketing is the next big thing which is promising enough to overshadow all the other marketing tools with its dynamic approach.

6. Increase the Brand Recall Value & Identification

When all the above-mentioned points are properly exploited to make the Digital Marketing videos, they are most likely to leave a lasting impact on the viewer which will help them achieve a higher brand recall value. Anyhow,  It’s a human tendency to remember something you saw for a long time.

Even if you randomly watch a video it is likely to stay in your head for a long time. Also, an influential video will create curiosity in the viewer to know more and hence your website’s SEO will also be increased. These were some of the many reasons why  Marketers are completely falling for the Video Marketing strategy of directing user traffic to their website as an attempt to generate sales.

Steps To Build a Video Marketing Strategy

1. Create Buyer Personas

Video Marketing

Create Buyer Persona

Buyer Persona is a comprehensive representation of your target audience. Creating buyer personas allows you to target the most specific audience with the right message thereby increasing the probability of getting conversions.

2. Build KPIs & Goals

Create SMART goals and KPIs for your video campaigns. These goals allow you to calculate the ROI and give you the metrics on the performance of your videos.

3. Determine the Type of Video and Platform

Research where your audience spends most of their time and which platform is the best fit for the tone of your message. Also, determine the objective of your video and choose the type of video you want to project.

4. Create Cost- Effective, Valuable Videos

Don’t make your video sound like a sales pitch. Educate and inform your customers about your niche to build healthy relations with them. Ensure that the customer is able to take some valuable insights from your video.

The Video Marketing Funnel

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Funnel

To create a roadmap to direct the leads towards a buyer’s journey, Video Marketing often uses the Marketing Funnel. It represents the way a particular lead should be captured and converted into a potential sale. The Video Marketing Funnel also provides the marketer with the relevant assistance on which type of video should be displayed at what time.

The Funnel is divided into three main stages:

1. The Awareness Stage – Top of the Funnel

Since this stage is the awareness stage of your buyer’s journey, thus, it is meant to attract more and more visitors to your website. You can start off with the brand awareness videos to tell the people about your brand.

2. The Consideration Stage – Middle of the Funnel

This is the second stage of the buyer’s journey. By now the prospect has clearly defined his problem and is analyzing different ways to solve it. By making how-to-videos, you can educate the prospects about your band and give them insights on the solutions you can provide to them.

3. The Decision Stage – Bottom of the Funnel

This is the last step towards closing a sale. While being in the last stage of the Video Marketing Funnel means that the buyer already knows that you have a solution to their problems. To make them finally choose you over your competitors, you will have to build a trustworthy relationship with them. By displaying the testimonial or review videos, this can be done optimally.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of Video Marketing. Video Marketing services can be availed from various digital marketing videos agencies who can run the campaign for your company on various social media platforms.

Video has definitely created a buzz in this digitalizing economy. If you aren’t using video in your marketing yet, it’s high time to begin. Videos have become an essential part of digital marketing for a past few years and with its growing impact and success, it plays a central role in marketing outreach.

Creative Video Content is what we offer you. Videos are the new way of connecting to your clients and to get a message across visually. So investing in video content is worthwhile and gainful. Visit for more details.

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